Roadside Assistance Program

In the U.S. call 1-800-252-1112.
In Canada call 1-800-268-6800.

Service available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

As the proud owner of a new Buick vehicle, you are automatically enrolled in the Roadside Assistance program. This value-added service is intended to provide you with peace of mind as you drive in the city or travel the open road.

Who is Covered?

Roadside Assistance coverage is for the vehicle operator, regardless of ownership. A person driving this vehicle without the consent of the owner is not eligible for coverage.

The following services are provided in the U.S.

during the Bumper-to-Bumper warranty period and, in Canada, during the Base Warranty coverage period of the New Vehicle Limited Warranty, up to a maximum coverage of $100.

• Fuel Delivery: Delivery of enough fuel for the customer to get to the nearest service station (approximately $5 in the U.S. and 10 litres in Canada). Service to provide diesel may be restricted. For safety reasons, propane and other alternative fuels will not be provided through this service.
• Lock-out Service: To ensure security, the driver must present the vehicle registration and personal ID before lock-out service is provided.

Lock-out service will be covered at no charge if you are unable to gain entry into your vehicle.

If your vehicle will not start, Roadside Assistance will arrange to have your vehicle towed to the nearest authorized dealership.

In the U.S., replacement keys made at the customer’s expense will be covered within 10 miles (16 km).

• Emergency Tow From a Public Roadway or Highway: Tow to the nearest dealership for warranty service or in the event of a vehicle-disabling accident. Winch-out assistance when the vehicle is mired in sand, mud, or snow.
• Flat Tire Change: Installation of your spare tire in good condition will be covered at no charge.

The customer is responsible for the repair or replacement of the tire if not covered by a warrantable failure.

• Jump Start: No-start occurrences which require a battery jump start will be covered at no charge.
• Trip Routing Service: Upon Request, Roadside Assistance will send you detailed, computer-personalized maps, highlighting your choice of either the most direct route or the most scenic route to your destination, anywhere in North America, along with any helpful travel information we may have pertaining to your trip. To request this service, please call us toll-free at 1-800-268-6800.

We will make every attempt to send your personalized trip routing as quickly as possible, but it is best to allow three weeks before your planned departure date. Trip routing requests will be limited to six per calendar year.

• Trip Interruption Benefits and Assistance: In the event of a warranty related vehicle disablement, while en route and over 250 kilometres from original point of departure, you may qualify for trip interruption expense assistance. This assistance covers reasonable reimbursement of up to a maximum of $500 (Canadian) for (A) meals (maximum of $50/day), (B) lodging (maximum of $100/night) and (C) alternate ground transportation (maximum of $40/day). This benefit is to assist you with some of the unplanned expense you may incur while waiting for your vehicle to be repaired.

Pre-authorization, original detailed receipts and a copy of the repair order are required.

Once authorization has been given, your advisor will help you make any necessary arrangements and explain how to claim for trip interruption expense assistance.

• Alternative Service: There may be times, when Roadside Assistance cannot provide timely assistance, your advisor may authorize you to secure local emergency road service, and you will be reimbursed up to $100 upon submission of the original receipt to Roadside Assistance.

In many instances, mechanical failures are covered under Buick’s Bumper-to-Bumper warranty for U.S.

customers, and the duration of the Base Warranty Coverage for Canadian customers of the new Vehicle Limited Warranty. However, any cost for parts and labor for non-warranty repairs are the responsibility of the driver.

For prompt and efficient assistance when calling, please provide the following to the Roadside Assistance Representative:

• Your name, home address, and home telephone number.
• Telephone number of your location.
• Location of the vehicle.
• Model, year, color, and license plate number.
• Odometer reading, Vehicle Identification Number, and delivery date of the vehicle.
• Description of the problem.

While we hope you never have the occasion to use our service, it is added security while traveling for you and your family. Remember, we are only a phone call away. U.S. customers call Buick Roadside Assistance: 1-800-252-1112, TTY users, call 1-888-889-2438, Canadian customers call 1-800-268-6800.

Buick and General Motors of Canada Limited reserve the right to limit services or reimbursement to an owner or driver when, in their sole discretion, the claims become excessive in frequency or type of occurrence.

Roadside Assistance is not part of or included in the coverage provided by the New Vehicle Limited Warranty. Buick and General Motors of Canada Limited reserve the right to make any changes or discontinue the Roadside Assistance program at any time without notification.

Towing and Road Service Exclusions

Specifically excluded from Roadside Assistance coverage are towing or services for vehicles operated on a non-public roadway or highway, fines, impound towing caused by a violation of local, Municipal, State, Provincial, or Federal law, and mounting, dismounting or changing of snow tires, chains, or other traction devices.

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