Online Owner Center

Online Owner Center (United States only)

The Owner Center is a resource for your GM ownership needs. Specific vehicle information can be found in one place.

The Online Owner Center allows you to:

• Get e-mail service reminders.
• Access information about your specific vehicle, including tips and videos and an electronic version of this owner manual.
• Keep track of your vehicle’s service history and maintenance schedule.
• Find GM dealers for service nationwide.
• Receive special promotions and privileges only available to members.

Refer to on the web for updated information and to register your vehicle.

My GM Canada (Canada only)

My GM Canada is a password-protected section of where you can save information on GM vehicles, get personalized offers, and use handy tools and forms with greater ease.

Here are a few of the valuable tools and services you will have access to:

− My Showroom: Find and save information on vehicles and current offers in your area.
− My Dealers/Retailers: Save details such as address and phone number for each of your preferred GM Dealers or Retailers.
− My Driveway: Receive service reminders and helpful advice on owning and maintaining your vehicle.
− My Preferences: Manage your profile, subscribe to E-News and use tools and forms with greater ease.

To sign up to My GM Canada, visit the My GM Canada section within

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