Taillamps and Turn Signal Lamps

To replace a taillamp or turn signal bulb, do the following:

1. Open the liftgate.

2. Remove the two screws from the taillamp assembly.
3. Pull the taillamp assembly away from the vehicle.

4. Unclip the wiring harness (A) and remove the

4. Unclip the wiring harness (A) and remove the three socket retaining screws (B).
5. Remove the socket plate.
6. Holding the socket, pull the old bulb to release it from the socket.
7. Push the new bulb into the socket until it clicks.
8. Reinstall the socket plate and tighten the three screws.
9. Reconnect the wiring harness.
10. Reinstall the taillamp assembly by lining up the locator pins with the retainers in the vehicle’s body.
11. Reinstall the two screws and tighten

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