Trailer Wiring Harness

Your vehicle is equipped with a seven-wire trailer

Your vehicle is equipped with a seven-wire trailer towing harness. This harness has a seven-pin universal heavy-duty trailer connector (if equipped with the trailering package) that is attached to a bracket on the hitch platform. If your vehicle is not equipped with the heavy-duty trailer connector, you may purchase one from your dealer.

The seven-wire harness contains the following trailer circuits:

• Yellow: Left Stop/Turn Signal
• Dark Green: Right Stop/Turn Signal
• Brown: Running Lamps
• White: Ground
• Light Green: Back-up Lamps
• Dark Blue: Electric Brakes
• Red: Battery Feed (The chassis wiring ring terminal must be fastened to a stud on the underhood electrical center before the trailer feed will become active.)

If you need to tow a light-duty trailer with a standard four-way round pin connector, an adapter connector is available from your dealer.

If you are charging a remote (non-vehicle) battery, turn on the headlamps to boost the vehicle system voltage and properly charge the battery.

Your vehicle is also equipped with wiring for an electric trailer brake controller. These wires are located inside the vehicle on the driver’s side under the instrument panel. These wires should be connected to an electric trailer brake controller by your dealer or a qualified service center.

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