DVD Player Buttons (Without Sunroof)

(Power): Press this button

to turn the RSE(Power): Press this button to turn the RSE system on and off. The power indicator light will illuminate when the power is on.

to eject a DVD or CD. (Eject): Press this button to eject a DVD or CD.

SRCE (Source): Press this button to switch between the DVD player and an auxiliary source.

to stop playing, (Stop): Press this button to stop playing, rewinding, or fast forwarding a DVD or CD. Press this button twice to return to the beginning of the DVD.

button to start play(Play/Pause): Press this button to start play of a DVD or CD. Press this button while a DVD or CD is playing to pause it. Press this button again to continue the play of the DVD or CD.

this button to access (Main DVD Menu): Press this button to access the DVD menu. The DVD menu is different on every DVD. Use the up, down, left, and right arrow buttons to move the cursor around the DVD menu.

After making a selection press the enter button.

This button only operates when playing a DVD.

button to adjust the (Set-up Menu): Press this button to adjust the color, tint, brightness, contrast, display mode, and dynamic range compression. The dynamic range compression feature can be used to reduce loud audio and increase low audio produced by some DVDs.

To change a feature back to the factory default setting, press this button to display the feature, then press and hold this button. The default setting will appear on the display.

While playing an Audio or DVD disc, press and hold this button to display and to remove the track and time information.

Use (Menu Navigation Arrows): Use the arrow buttons to navigate through a menu.

button to select the (Enter): Press this button to select the choices that are highlighted in any menu.

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