The RSE system includes two sets of wireless headphones.

Each set of headphones has an ON/OFF control.

An indicator light will illuminate on the headphones when they are on. If the light does not illuminate, the batteries may need to be replaced. See “Battery Replacement” following for more information.

Each set of headphones has a volume knob.

To adjust the volume, adjust this knob.

The transmitters are located below the video display screen. The headphones will shut off automatically if they lose the signal from the system after about four minutes to save battery power. The signal may be lost if the system is turned off or if the headphones are out of range of the transmitters.

When using the wired headphones, if the front seat passengers play a CD in the Radio with Six-Disc CD (if equipped) or use XM™ Satellite Radio Service (if equipped), you will hear the audio for these sources, instead of the DVD or CD that is currently playing through the RSE.

Notice: Do not store the headphones in heat or direct sunlight. This could damage the headphones and repairs will not be covered by your warranty. Keep the headphones stored in a cool, dry place.

Both sets of rear seat headphones may include foam ear pads that can be replaced.

Foam ear pads on these headphones may become worn or damaged. The headphone foam ear pads can become damaged if they are not handled or stored properly. If the foam ear pads do become damaged or worn out, the pads can be replaced separately from the headphone set.

It is not necessary to replace the complete headphone set.

The headphone replacement foam ear pads can be ordered in pairs. See your dealer for more information.

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