Curb View

Press the customization button until CURB VIEW:

OFF appears in the display. To select your preference for curb view, press the select button while CURB VIEW: OFF is displayed on the DIC. Pressing the select button will scroll through the following choices:

CURB VIEW: OFF (default): The passenger’s outside mirror will not be tilted down when the vehicle is shifted into REVERSE (R).

CURB VIEW: PASSENGER: The passenger’s outside mirror will be tilted down when the vehicle is shifted into REVERSE (R).

When the vehicle is placed in PARK (P) or in any forward gear, the mirror will return to the normal driving position, following a short delay.

Choose one of the available options and press the customization button while it is displayed on the DIC to select it and move on to the next feature.

For more information on tilt mirror in reverse.

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