Manual Operation

To change the current setting, select one of the following:

you to manually (Fan): This button allows you to manually adjust the fan speed. Press the up arrow to increase fan speed and the down arrow to decrease fan speed. The display will change to show you the selected fan speed and the driver’s side temperature setting for five seconds.

to manually change (Mode): Press this button to manually change the direction of the airflow in your vehicle. Keep pressing the button until the desired mode appears on the display. The display will change to show you the selected air delivery mode and the driver’s temperature setting for five seconds.

air to the instrument (Vent): This mode directs air to the instrument panel outlets.

directs approximately (Bi-Level): This mode directs approximately half of the air to the instrument panel outlets, then directs the remaining air to the floor outlets.

A little air is directed toward the windshield and the side window outlets. Cooler air is directed to the upper outlets and warmer air to the floor outlets.

most of the air to the (Floor): This mode directs most of the air to the floor outlets. Some air also comes out of the defroster and side window outlets. The recirculation button cannot be selected in floor mode.

this button to turn (Recirculation): Press this button to turn recirculation mode on or off. When this button is pressed, an indicator light in the button will also come on to let you know that it is activated.

Recirculation mode is used to recirculate the air inside of your vehicle. Use this mode to help prevent outside odors and/or dust from entering your vehicle or to help cool the air inside of your vehicle more quickly. Recirculation mode can be used with vent and bi-level modes, but it cannot be used with floor, defog or defrost modes.

You may also notice that the air conditioning compressor will run while in recirculation mode.

This is normal and will help to prevent fogging.

If the weather is cold and damp, the system may cause the windows to fog while using recirculation mode. If the windows do start to fog, select defog or defrost mode and increase fan speed.

Recirculation mode, if selected, will be cleared when the engine is turned off.

Press this button to A/C (Air Conditioning): Press this button to manually turn the air conditioning system on or off.

When the system is on, the system will automatically begin to cool and dehumidify the air inside of your vehicle. The air conditioning symbol will appear on the display when the air conditioning is on and will turn off when the air conditioning is off.

If you select turn the air conditioning off while in front defrost or defog mode, the air conditioning symbol will turn off, however, the A/C compressor will remain on to help de-humidify the air inside the vehicle. If one of the other modes is selected the compressor will then turn the A/C off until it is selected again or the AUTO button is pressed.

To avoid fogging the inside glass on rainy and humid days at temperature above freezing, press the air-conditioning button to run the air conditioning compressor. Also, it is best to avoid the use of recirculation mode except when maximum air conditioning performance is needed or for short times to avoid exterior odors.

You may notice a slight change in engine performance when the air-conditioning compressor shuts off and turns on again. This is normal.

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