Outside Power Mirror

The outside power

The outside power mirror control is located on the driver’s door.

1. Turn the knob toward the mirror you desire to adjust.
2. Move the control in the direction you want the mirror to go.
3. Adjust the mirror in all four directions so that you can see the side of your vehicle and the area behind your vehicle.
4. After adjusting each mirror, turn the control to the center position so the mirror cannot be moved.

If you reach the mirror’s end of the travel position in any direction, the mirror will enter a ratcheting mode. This action is harmless. It is a warning that the mirror can go no further. To stop this action, back the mirror up by moving the control in the opposite direction.

Fold the mirror in manually before entering a car wash. To do this, pull the mirror in toward the vehicle. Push the mirror back out when finished.

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