Programmable Locking Feature

Following are the two locking modes that can be programmed:

Mode 1: All doors lock when the transmission is shifted out of PARK (P).

Mode 2: All doors lock when the vehicle speed is greater than 8 mph (13 km/h).

The automatic door locks were pre-programmed at the factory to lock all the doors when the transmission is shifted into gear. The following instructions detail how to program your door locks differently than the factory setting. Choose one of the two programming options listed previously before entering the program mode.

To enter the program mode, do the following:

1. Begin with the ignition off. Then pull the turn signal/multifunction lever toward you and hold it there while you perform the next step.
2. Turn the key to RUN and LOCK twice.

Then, with the key in LOCK, release the turn signal/multifunction lever. Once you do this, you will hear the lock switch lock and unlock, the horn will chirp twice, and a 30-second program timer will begin.

3. You are now ready to program the automatic door locks. Select one of the two programming options listed previously, and press the lock side of the power door lock switch to cycle through the lock options. You will have 30 seconds to begin programming. If you exceed the 30-second limit, the locks will automatically lock and unlock and the horn will chirp twice to indicate that you have left the program mode. If this occurs, repeat the procedure beginning with Step 1 to re-enter the programming mode.

You can exit the program mode any time by turning the ignition to RUN. The locks will automatically lock and unlock and the horn will chirp twice to indicate that you are leaving the program mode. If the lock/unlock switches are not pressed while in the programming mode, the current auto lock/unlock setting will not be modified.

See your dealer for more information.

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