RDS Messages

ALERT!: Alert warns of local or national emergencies. When an alert announcement comes on the current radio station, ALERT! displays. You will hear the announcement, even if the volume is low or a CD is playing. If a CD is playing, play stops during the announcement. Alert announcements cannot be turned off.

ALERT! is not affected by tests of the emergency broadcast system. This feature is not supported by all RDS stations.

INFO (Information): If the current station has a message, the information symbol displays.

Press this button to see the message. The message can display the artist, song title, call in phone numbers, etc.

If the entire message is not displayed, parts of the message appears every three seconds.

To scroll through the message, press and release the INFO button. A new group of words display after every press of this button. Once the complete message has displayed, the information symbol disappears from the display until another new message is received. The last message can be displayed by pressing the INFO button. The last message can be viewed until a new message is received or you tune to a different station.

When a message is not available from a station, No Info displays.

TRAF (Traffic): If TRAF displays, the tuned station broadcasts traffic announcements and you will hear a traffic announcement when the tuned radio station broadcasts one.

If the station does not broadcast traffic announcements, press the TRAF button and the radio seeks to a station that does. When a station that broadcasts traffic announcements is found, the radio stops seeking and TRAF displays.

If no station is found that broadcasts traffic announcements, No Traf displays.

If TRAF displays, press the TRAF button to turn off the traffic announcements.

The radio plays the traffic announcement if the volume is low. The radio interrupts the play of a CD if the last tuned station broadcasts traffic announcements.

This function does not apply to XM™ Satellite Radio Service.

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