Washing Your Vehicle

The best way to preserve the vehicle’s finish is to keep it clean by washing it often.

Notice: Certain cleaners contain chemicals that can damage the emblems or nameplates on the vehicle.
Check the cleaning product label. If it states that it should not be used on plastic parts, do not use it on the vehicle or damage may occur and it would not be covered by the warranty.

Do not wash the vehicle in direct sunlight. Use a car washing soap. Do not use cleaning agents that are petroleum based or that contain acid or abrasives, as they can damage the paint, metal or plastic on the vehicle. Approved cleaning products can be obtained from your dealer/retailer. Follow all manufacturers’ directions regarding correct product usage, necessary safety precautions and appropriate disposal of any vehicle care product.

Rinse the vehicle well, before washing and after to remove all cleaning agents completely. If they are allowed to dry on the surface, they could stain.

Dry the finish with a soft, clean chamois or an all-cotton towel to avoid surface scratches and water spotting.

High pressure car washes may cause water to enter the vehicle. Avoid using high pressure washes closer than 12 inches (30 cm) to the surface of the vehicle.

Use of power washers exceeding 1,200 psi (8 274 kPa) can result in damage or removal of paint and decals.

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