Storing a Flat or Spare Tire and Tools

Storing a jack, a tire, or other equipment in the passenger compartment of the vehicle could cause injury. In a sudden stop or collision, loose equipment could strike someone. Store all these in the proper place.

After you have put the compact spare tire on your vehicle, you need to store the flat tire in your trunk. Store the flat tire as far forward in the trunk as possible.

Store the jack and wheel wrench in their compartment in the trunk. For storage, the jack lift head must be raised until the screw end is even with the edge of the jack.

To store the compact spare tire and tools:

A. Center Retainer

A. Center Retainer
B. Compact Spare Tire Cover
C. Retainer
D. Washer
E. Jack Container
F. Spare Tire
G. Wheel Wrench
H. Jack
I. Foam Insert
J. Bolt

1. Open the trunk. See Trunk.

2. Place the foam insert (I) in the trunk compartment.

3. Reinstall the compact spare tire (F) face down.

Line up the wheel center hole with the bolt (J).

Then place it on the compartment floor.

4. Insert the jack container (E) into the spare tire (F).

5. Insert the wheel wrench (G) and jack (H) into the center of the compact spare tire making sure to line up the wheel nut hole with the bolt (I) on the compartment floor.

6. Secure the compact spare tire and the jack container (E) with the washer (D) and the retainer (C).

7. Reinstall the compact spare tire cover (B).

8. Secure with the center retainer (A).

The compact spare tire is for temporary use only.

Replace the compact spare tire with a full-size tire as soon as you can. See Compact Spare Tire.

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