Using the Call Command

1. Press and hold seconds. The system for two seconds. The system responds with “Ready” followed by a tone.

2. Say “Call”. The system responds with “Call using <phone name>. Please say the name tag” followed by a tone.

3. Say the name tag of the person to call.

• If the system clearly recognizes the name tag it responds with “OK, calling, <name tag>” and dials the number.

• If the system is unsure it recognizes the right name tag, it confirms the name tag followed by a tone. If the name tag is correct, say “Yes”. The system responds with “OK, calling, <name tag>” and dials the number. If the name tag is not correct, say “No”. The system will ask for the name tag to be re-entered.

Once connected, the person called will be heard through the audio speakers.

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