DIC Buttons

The buttons are the trip/fuel, vehicle information, customization, and set/reset buttons. The button functions are detailed in the following pages.

(Trip/Fuel): Press this button

to display the (Trip/Fuel): Press this button to display the odometer, trip odometers, fuel range, average economy, instantaneous economy, and average speed.

button to display (Vehicle Information): Press this button to display the oil life, units, park assist on vehicles with this feature, side blind zone alert on vehicles with this feature, tire pressure readings on vehicles with this feature, compass zone and compass calibration on vehicles with this feature, and Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) transmitter programming.

to customize the (Customization): Press this button to customize the feature settings on your vehicle. See DIC Vehicle Customization for more information.

set or reset certain (Set/Reset): Press this button to set or reset certain functions and to turn off or acknowledge messages on the DIC.

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