AUTO (Automatic Mode)

1. Turn the fan control to AUTO.

2. Turn the mode control to AUTO.

3. Adjust the temperature to a comfortable setting between 68°F (21°C) and 78°F (26°C).

Choosing the coldest or warmest temperature setting will not cause the system to heat or cool any faster. In cold weather, the system starts at reduced fan speeds to avoid blowing cold air into the vehicle until warmer air is available. The system will start out blowing air to the floor, but may change modes automatically as the vehicle warms up to maintain the chosen temperature setting.

The length of time needed to warm the interior depends on the outside temperature.

4. Wait a few minutes for the system to automatically regulate. Then adjust the temperature as necessary to find your comfort setting.

Do not cover the solar sensor located in the center of the instrument panel, near the windshield. For more information on the solar sensor, see “Sensors” later in this section.

After the vehicle is started, the display shows the interior temperature settings.

When the ENG/MET (English/metric) button on the Driver Information Center (DIC) is pressed, the display shows readings in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Use the ENG/MET button to toggle between the readings.

AUTO (Automatic Air Conditioning): If AUTO is selected on the fan or mode control, the system automatically controls the air conditioning compressor.

The A/C compressor runs automatically even at cool outside temperatures in order to dehumidify the air. The A/C indicator light is lit when the system is operating automatically. Press the A/C button on the fan control to turn off the A/C. To clear windows better in defog or defrost modes, the A/C compressor runs automatically in damp cool conditions.

selected on either (Auto Recirculation): If AUTO is selected on either the fan or mode control, the system automatically controls the supply of fresh outside air or recirculates the interior air to cool the car faster. The indicator light on the recirculation button will light whenever the system switches to recirculation. You may force outside air by pressing the outside air button. The next time AUTO fan or mode is selected, it will reset back to AUTO operation.

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