Memory Seat and Mirrors

On vehicles with the memory feature the buttons are located on the driver’s door.

1: Saves the seating position for driver 1.

2: Saves the seating position for driver 2.

For more programming information, see DIC Vehicle : Recalls the easy exit position.

For more programming information, see DIC Vehicle Customization.

To save your positions in memory:

1. Adjust the driver’s seat, including the seatback recliner and lumbar, and both outside mirrors to your preferred position.

2. Press and hold button 1 until two beeps sound to let you know that the position has been stored.

3. Repeat the procedure for a second driver using button 2.

The vehicle must be in P (Park) to recall your memory positions.

Press and release either button to recall the stored setting. Each time a memory button is pressed, a single beep sounds.

If you use the remote keyless entry transmitter to enter your vehicle and the remote recall memory feature is on, automatic seat and mirror movement occurs.

To stop recall movement of the memory feature, press one of the power seat controls, memory buttons, or power mirror buttons.

If something has blocked the driver’s seat while recalling a memory position, the driver’s seat recall may stop working. If this happens, press the control for the area that is not recalling for two seconds, after the obstruction is removed. Try recalling the memory position again by pressing the appropriate memory button. If the memory position is still not recalling, see your dealer/retailer for service.

Easy Exit Seat

press to recall the exit : With the vehicle in P (Park), press to recall the exit position.

You will hear a single beep and the driver’s seat moves back.

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