Conference Calling

Conference calling and three-way calling must be supported on the Bluetooth phone and enabled by the wireless service carrier to work.

To start a conference while in a current call:

1. Turn or press the TUNE/ MENU knob.

2. Select Enter Number or press the TUNE/MENU knob to select Enter Number.

3. For Radio with CD only, enter the character sequence then select Call. See “Entering a Character Sequence” in Operation  for more information. For Radio with CD and Touchscreen, enter the number.

4. After the call has been placed, turn or press TUNE/MENU and choose Merge Calls.

5. To add more callers to the conference call, repeat Steps 1 through 4. The number of callers that can be added is limited by your wireless service carrier.

Ending a Call

Turn or press the TUNE/MENU knob and select Hang Up.

Muting a Call

To Mute a Call

Turn or press the TUNE/MENU knob and select Mute Call.

To Cancel Mute

Turn or press the TUNE/MENU knob and select Mute Call.

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