Head-Up Display (HUD)

If the HUD image is too bright or too high in your field of view, it may take you more time to see things you need to see when it is dark outside. Be sure to keep the HUD image dim and placed low in your field of view.

For vehicles with the Head-Up Display (HUD), some information concerning the operation of the vehicle is projected onto the windshield. This includes the speedometer reading, rpm reading, transmission position, outside air temperature, compass heading, and a brief display of the current radio station, including XM information or CD track. It will also display turn-by-turn navigation information if the vehicle has a navigation radio.

The images are projected through the HUD lens located on the driver side of the instrument panel.

If you try to use the HUD image as a parking aid, you may misjudge the distance and damage your vehicle. Do not use the HUD image as a parking aid.

The HUD information can be displayed in one of three languages, English, French, or Spanish. The speedometer reading and other numerical values can be displayed in either English or metric units.

The language selection is changed through the radio and the units of measurement is changed through the trip computer in the Driver Information Center (DIC). See AM-FM Radio (Radio with CD/DVD/MEM) or AM-FM Radio (Radio with CD and Touchscreen) and Driver Information Center (DIC).

HUD Display on the Vehicle Windshield
HUD Display on the Vehicle Windshield

The HUD information appears as an image focused out toward the front of the vehicle.

When the ignition is placed in the ON/RUN or ON/RUN/START position, HUD will display an introductory message for a short time, until the HUD is ready.

The following indicator lights come on in the instrument panel when activated and also appear on the HUD:
• Turn Signal Indicators
• High-Beam Indicator Symbol

The HUD temporarily displays some vehicle warnings, such as CHECK TIRE PRESSURE and FUEL LEVEL LOW when these messages are on the DIC trip computer.

The HUD also displays the following messages on vehicles with these systems, when they are active:

When the HUD is on, the speedometer reading is continually displayed. The current radio station or CD track number will display for a short period of time after the radio or CD track status changes. This happens whenever radio information is changed. The speedometer size is reduced when radio, CD information, warnings, or turn-by-turn navigation information are displayed on the HUD.

To adjust the HUD image so that

To adjust the HUD image so that items are properly displayed, do the following:

1. Adjust the driver seat to a comfortable position.

2. Start the engine.

3. Adjust the HUD controls.

Use the following settings to adjust the HUD.

OFF: To turn HUD off, turn the HUD dimming knob fully counterclockwise until the HUD display turns off.

Brightness: Turn the dimming knob clockwise or counterclockwise to brighten or dim the display.

(Down): Press the (Up) or up or down arrows to center the(Down): Press the up or down arrows to center the HUD image in your view. The HUD image can only be adjusted up and down, not side to side.

PAGE: Press to select the display formats. Release the PAGE button when the format number with the desired display is shown on the HUD. If vehicle messages are displayed, pressing PAGE may clear the message.

The three formats are as follows:

English Shown, Metric Similar
English Shown, Metric Similar

Format One: This display gives the speedometer reading (in English or metric units), turn signal indication, high-beam indication, transmission positions, outside air temperature, and compass heading.

English Shown, Metric Similar
English Shown, Metric Similar

Format Two: This display includes the information in Format One without the transmission information, the outside air temperature, and compass heading.

English Shown, Metric Similar
English Shown, Metric Similar

Format Three: This display includes much of the information in Format One along with a circular tachometer, but without outside air temperature and compass heading.

All formats will show the turn-by-turn navigation information and provide details about the next driving maneuver to be made. When you near your next maneuver, the HUD will display a distance bar that will empty the closer you get to your maneuver. All navigation information is provided to the HUD by the navigation radio or OnStar service, for vehicles that have these features.

English Shown, Metric Similar
English Shown, Metric Similar

The HUD image displayed on the windshield will automatically dim and brighten to compensate for outside lighting. However, the HUD brightness control can still be adjusted as needed.

The HUD image can temporarily light up depending on the angle and position of the sunlight on the HUD display. This is normal and will change when the angle of the sunlight on the HUD display changes.

Polarized sunglasses could make the HUD image harder to see.

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