Weight Distributing Hitches and WeightCarrying Hitches

When using a weight-distributing hitch, the hitch

When using a weight-distributing hitch, the hitch must be adjusted so the distance (A) remains the same both before and after coupling the trailer to the tow vehicle.

If you use a step-bumper hitch, the bumper could be damaged in sharp turns. Make sure there is ample room when turning to avoid contact between the trailer and the bumper.

If you will be pulling a trailer that, when loaded, will weigh more than 4,000 lbs (1 814 kg) be sure to use a properly mounted weight-distributing hitch and sway control of the proper size.

This equipment is very important for proper vehicle loading and good handling when driving.

Always use a sway control if the trailer will weigh more than these limits. You can ask a hitch dealer about sway controls.

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