Ashtray(s) and Cigarette Lighter

Your vehicle may have this feature. The ashtray is removable and fits into the front cupholder.

Notice: If you put papers, pins, or other flammable items in the ashtray, hot cigarettes or other smoking materials could ignite them and possibly damage your vehicle.

Never put flammable items in the ashtray.

To remove the ashtray, pull the covered bin out of the cupholder.

To use the lighter, press it in all the way, and let go. When it is ready, it will pop back out by itself.

Notice: Holding a cigarette lighter in while it is heating will not allow the lighter to back away from the heating element when it is hot. Damage from overheating may occur to the lighter or heating element, or a fuse could be blown.

Do not hold a cigarette lighter in while it is heating. Do not use equipment exceeding maximum amperage rating of 20 amperes.

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