Delayed Locking

This feature delays the locking of the doors and the liftgate when using the power lock or the remote keyless entry system.

The first press of the power door lock switch or lock button on the remote keyless entry transmitter with the driver’s door open will activate the delay locking. A chime will sound. All doors and the liftgate can be reopened for up to five seconds from the time the last door is closed.

Five seconds after the last door is closed, all the doors will lock. You can lock the doors immediately by using the power door lock switch or by pressing the lock button on the optional remote keyless entry transmitter a second time.

If the key is inserted in the ignition, this feature will not lock the doors.

You can turn the delayed locking feature on or off.

If the feature is turned off, the doors will lock immediately when a power door lock switch or remote keyless entry transmitter lock button is pressed.

Programming Delayed Locking

To turn the delayed locking feature on or off, do the following:

1. Press and hold the power door lock switch on the driver’s door in the lock position.
2. Press the remote keyless entry transmitter unlock button twice.

If the delayed locking feature was on, it will now be off. If the feature was off, it will now be on.

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