Memory Seat, Mirrors, and Pedals

The controls for the

The controls for the memory function are located on the driver’s door.

These buttons are used to program and recall memory settings for the driver’s seating position, both outside mirror positions, and the adjustable pedals, if equipped. The settings for these features can be saved for up to two drivers.

To store the memory settings, do the following:

1. Adjust the driver’s seat, including the seatback recliner and lumbar, both of the outside mirrors, and the adjustable pedals, if equipped, to the desired position.

See Adjustable Throttle and Brake Pedal on page 112 for more information.

2. Press and hold the 1 or 2 button of the memory control for three seconds.

A double chime will sound to let you know that the position has been stored.

To repeat the procedure for a second driver, follow the preceding steps, but press the other numbered memory control button.

To recall the memory settings, do one of the following:

• Press and release button 1 or 2 while the vehicle is in PARK (P). A single chime will sound and the memory position will be recalled.
• If programmed to do so through the Driver Information Center (DIC), pressing the unlock button on the remote keyless entry transmitter will recall the preset driver’s memory seat, mirrors, and adjustable pedals position. The numbers on the back of the transmitters, 1 or 2, correspond to the numbers on the memory controls.
• If programmed to do so through the DIC, placing the key in the ignition will recall the driver’s memory seat, mirrors, and adjustable pedals positions.

See “Seat Recall” under DIC Vehicle Customization on page 208 for more information.

To stop recall movement of the memory seat feature at any time, press one of the memory buttons or power seat controls.

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