Satellite Radio

XM™ Satellite Radio Service

XM is a satellite radio service based in the 48 contiguous United States and 10 Canadian provinces. XM Satellite Radio has a wide variety of programming and commercial-free music, coast to coast, and in digital-quality sound. A service fee is required to receive the XM service. If XM Service needs to be reactivated, the radio will display “No Subscription Please Renew” on channel XM1. For more information, contact XM at or 1-800-929-2100 in the U.S.

and or 1-877-438-9677 in Canada.

Finding a Station

BAND: Press to switch between AM, FM, or XM. The selection displays.

: Press to go to the previous or (Tune): Turn to select radio stations.

next station and stay there. : Press to go to the previous or next station and stay there.

To scan stations, press and hold © or ¨ until a beep sounds.

The radio goes to a station, plays for a few seconds, then goes to the next station. Press either arrow again to stop scanning.

The radio only seeks and scans stations with a strong signal that are in the selected band.

Finding a Category (CAT) Station

CAT (Category): The CAT button is used to find XM stations when the radio is in the XM mode. To find XM channels within a desired category:

1. Press BAND until the XM frequency displays.
2. Press CAT to display the category tabs.
3. Continue pressing CAT until the desired category name displays.

► Radios with CD and DVD can also navigate the category list by pressing sREV or\FWD.

4. Press either of the two buttons below the desired category tab to immediately tune to the first XM station associated with that category.
5. To go to the next or previous XM station within the selected category, do one of the following:

► Turn right or left arrows on the display. . Press the buttons below the right or left arrows on the display.

► Press either SEEK arrow.

6. To exit the category search mode, press the FAV button or BAND button to display the favorites again.

Undesired XM categories can be removed through the setup menu.

To remove an undesired category, perform the following:

1. Press MENU to display the radio setup menu.
2. Press the softkey below the XM CAT tab.
3. Turn be removed. to display the category to be removed.
4. Press the softkey under the Remove tab until the category name along with the word Removed displays.
5. Repeat the steps to remove more categories.

Removed categories can be restored by pressing the softkey under the Add tab when a removed category is displayed or by pressing the softkey under the Restore All tab.

Categories cannot be removed or added while the vehicle is moving faster than 8 km/h (5 mph).

Storing a Radio Station as a Favorite

Drivers are encouraged to set up their radio station favorites while the vehicle is in P (Park). Tune to favorite stations using the presets, favorites button, and steering wheel controls. See Steering Wheel Controls .

FAV (Favorites): A maximum of 36 stations can be programmed as favorites using the six softkeys below the radio station frequency tabs and by using the radio favorites page button (FAV button). Press to go through up to six pages of favorites, each having six favorite stations available per page. Each page of favorites can contain any combination of AM, FM, or XM stations.

The balance/fade and tone settings that were previously adjusted are stored with the favorite stations.

To store a station as a favorite:

1. Tune to the desired radio station.
2. Press FAV to display the page to store the station.
3. Press and hold one of the six softkeys until a beep sounds.

When that softkey is pressed and released, the station that was set returns.

4. Repeat the steps for each radio station to be stored as a favorite.

To set up the number of favorites pages:

1. Press MENU to display the radio setup menu.
2. Press the softkey below the FAV 1-6 tab.
3. Select the desired number of favorites pages by pressing the softkey below the displayed page numbers.
4. Press FAV, or let the menu time out, to return to the original main radio screen showing the radio station frequency tabs and to begin the process of programming favorites for the chosen number of favorites pages.

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